Hello there to all you Singletons out there – and a BIG hello to all those not so single who are reading this just for the hell of it!!

After being single for sometime now i decided it was time for me to get back into the dating scene – after trialing the old way of going out at the weekend and drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the hope that my ideal man might just be out there i stopped and thought……..do i really want to meet someone whilst wearing my beer goggles and clearly not looking or sounding my best towards the end of the night!!!

“Just do some dating” was advice a great friend gave me!  “you don’t have to want to settle down” – just have a blast meeting new people – not everybody will like you so don’t be upset when that happens as it clearly does!

Anyhow i turned my efforts to internet dating and figured that this may be the way forward – i started with the 1 site and quickly amassed over 5 which proved exciting but very confusing as new members get a lot of interest and it’s almost impossible to remember what you have said to each person you meet! This i soon found was not the best way to begin – guess it was just flattering to feel wanted all of a sudden! When you start playing like this and you swop numbers – you WILL teat the wrong person and make an ass of yourself and then spend ages trying to rectify the situation if you’re anything like me!!


My experiences have been varied and i would recommend the free websites that i have joined without question! Although undoubtedly you find rather odd people on these sites – you do find some genuine people too! I mean i’m one of them……..

Still single though – so as yet i am still trying – my sister would say that i should focus on myself for a while and do something else instead of “shopping” for men – as this is what it sometimes feels like – i am however, clearly also providing a male ego stroking service free of charge!!

Anyhow – one quick dating story – and this person shall remain nameless of course – after chatting for what seemed an age and getting along famously i arranged to meet for a date with (lets call him Mr P for the purposes of this experiment shall we) – after being droned at at 100 miles an hour about all the girls Mr P had arranged to meet and then scarpered after seeing them face to face – i felt honoured initially to have passed the initial test of making it into a pub without being left like a lemon!!!

However……..after a few minutes of this droning……i realised that this person i had met was little more than a thrill seeker after his latest venture…. i thought – okay lets see where this goes – as i am a watcher of people and a clear glutton for punishment or a “Desperado” this is for sure.. anyway after being asked if i would like to play Naked Twister i decided that i had something important to do… cleaning the upper inside of my ear with a cotton bud or something similarly as exciting and so i bid him farewell… then came the goodbye kiss…….i would have avoided this if Mr P had not leant in and then proceed to lick my mouth, Ewwwwwwww indeed i hear you say – i think i would have preferred Naked Twister!! I won’t be seeing Mr P again………. i’m a great believer that there is someone out there for everyone so am sure that Mr P will find his face licking soul mate in time..

As for me…i think i shall hang up the dating socks for the next 24 hours at least and then it’s back to the “shopping” for me!!!!!!!

To all of us on the hunt for another i wish you all the luck in the world and to all the Mr P’s out there…… Happy Wobbly Twisting!!!


I took a well earned break from Tinternet dating and got into improving myself – going to the gym and healthy eating and have to say that this has been far more rewarding than i ever thought it would be! So… as for the internet dating – well i went back there recently – met someone very soon after rejoining (strangely someone i had spoken to over a year ago) and am now in the first month of “Dating!!” So you see…… it isn’t all doom and gloom and if you take time out for yourself and start to improve and think more of yourself (I realised that i had low self esteem) then you will attract different groups of people around you!!


About sunshyney

Having a go at Blogging! A few silly vegetable inspired poems to start and also some blarbing about Edating........ Hope it brings a smile!!
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